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The B & B is located on the fourth floor of an ancient building. It has a large common area with kitchenette, fridge, microwave, tea kettle and a large table that will allow you to work and have lunch as at home.

Aperture is equipped with two bathrooms and three double bedrooms, two of which overlook the main street, where you can dive into the fruit and vegetable market of the neighborhood and you will be immediately absorbed in the odor and colors of the city of Naples.

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In order to guarantee the highest level of protection and transparency for customers, we accept credit cards in our BnB, thus ensuring speed and simplicity in bookings as well as in payments.

Towels and Sheet

Towels and Sheet, for long stays, will be replaced every 3 days.  Towels and sheet provided.


Aperture offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy a FREE Wi-Fi Internet service

NO Smoking

Aperture is a common environment, for this reason, it is forbidden to smoke.

Air Condition and Tv

The room is equipped with a 32 inch color TV with LCD screen and a hot / cold air conditioning


The cleaning of the rooms and bathrooms is done every three days.


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